Dr Celia Mendes, MD, PA

Dr. Celia Mendes has a unique practice that specializes in aesthetics, but also in the overall health and wellness of her patients. She offers an array of treatment plans for facial and body aesthetics; as well as weight management and gynecological care.

Dr. Mendes focuses on the total woman from her inner  health  to  her outer beauty.  She has a special interest in antiaging and regenerative  medicine and believes in an  integrative approach to healthcare.   She has extensive knowledge and training  in the field of hormonal management, including bioidentical hormone therapy. She continually seeks  advanced training in these and many  other topics  in the field of antiaging and regenerative medicine.  Her practice provides complete health and body improvement using state-of-the-art equipment and the most current medical procedures.

We encourage you to tour the site and investigate the many options offered for your complete health. We welcome your questions and will make every effort to answer and provide comprehensive and accurate information.


A Nurturing Advantage

We know you try hard to take care of your skin and we want to help. Whether you’re experiencing dryness, itchy skin, breakouts, red blotches or uneven skin tones, we have several healing treatments that are sure to bring some relief and restore your confidence. There’s no reason you shouldn’t love the skin you’re in and with a little help from one of our treatments, there’s no reason you won’t. Schedule your appointment today, and let us help you nurture the skin you're in!

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